My trouble with blogging, tweeting, and in general throwing my two cents out there is that I am not the most amazing person in the world.  I mean, I am okay, and maybe even pretty good some days.  I try to better the lives of those around me, to be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world, but there are times I am selfish, lazy, jealous, or otherwise inept.  I try hard every day to be the person I aspire to be, and I think that I am making progress.  However, I admittedly have a ways to go.

When I read inspiring tweets and blogs, I am in awe of the people who write them.  How do they find the words to so eloquently move people to want to be better?  How do they find the time to tweet so many frequently each day, or write a blog entry each week?  How do they have that many important things to say?

I want to be able to inspire the world with my words.  But, sometimes Candy Crush gets in the way.  Or, more noble things like laundry or exercise take up my free time.  During the bit of time I have to ponder my place in the world, and more specifically, the social media world, I wonder what I have to say that can add to what is already out there.

As we approach 2016 with lightning speed, I have been thinking about my goals for the new year.  It boils down to an essential question–who do I want to be in 2016?  Then I have to figure out how far away am I from that person right now and what changes need to take place in order to get there.

However, this year, I have a milestone birthday, the big 4-0, and as I get closer to the big day, I have been thinking less about who I want to be and more about who I already am.  Maybe I should start celebrating the good in me, inside and out, and work on making what is good even better.  No one is perfect, right?  Even those who appear to be superhuman on Twitter?

Writing this blog post is a step in the direction to embrace my imperfect self.  I have realized that I am not any one thing, and I do not want to be any one thing.  In fact, I want to be a million things.  What I really want is to be is exactly what the person right in front of me needs me to be in that moment.

Maybe just maybe in 2016 I will focus on simply listening and celebrating. I will not aspire to be amazing this year, but I will aspire to celebrate the good within me and listen so that I can celebrate the good in others.  I think even this imperfect gal can do that!



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