Ever since I found a passion for writing in college, my biggest fan–my dad–has encouraged me to write a book. I dream of ending up with an engaging fictional story that inspires a better understanding of human behavior and therefore we are happier and more emotionally intelligent. Or maybe historical fiction. Or maybe an autobiography so everyone can learn from my mistakes. But, alas, I am too impatient.

I picture holing myself up, writing away, for weeks, months, years, until I come out proudly with a finished product that could be amazing…or could end up on only one bookshelf–mine. I can’t get past the idea of pouring my heart and soul into that work and having it be lost after I finish it.

On the other hand, with blogging, I get to reflect and grow through writing and sharing my written thoughts with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers across the country or world immediately. I get feedback about my ideas right away through comments and the number of times it is shared. I learn through the writing process. I also learn about what resonates with people through the sharing process, and that is fascinating.

I have a small but very important audience for my writing. I can’t even describe the pleasure I get when someone tells me how something I wrote inspires them.

  • …a teacher I work with told me that during a road trip her friend was describing how someone was being mean to her, and she read this blog to her. 
  • …a friend of mine told me that this blog inspired someone she knows to download a running app. 
  • …I wrote here how my writing inspired my brother, the guy who is probably still confused about how they let his little sister run a school.

The list goes on and it fills my heart. The feedback fuels my writing and inspires me to continue to reflect, grow, and share.

I am just beginning a new journey. I am part of the Compelled Tribe, a group of educational leaders who reflect, write and inspire each other to get better every day. We read each other’s blogs, comment and share them. Through this collective effort we will get to know each other, build relationships and push our thinking–all for the benefit of our students.

I am not completely giving up my dream of writing a book. Actually, I have written more in the past three months than I ever thought I would. I am excited that through blogging I can test out ideas, I can explore my passions, and I can be supported in my writing. 

Compelled Tribe members and all other bloggers, what fuels your writing?


18 thoughts on “Too Impatient to Write a Book? Blog!

  1. What fuels my writing? Knowing that I have valuable experiences to share with other educators that make us all better. Being a part of the Compelled Tribe, I get to learn daily from the members – they are full of incredible insights, ideas, tips, and questions. I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

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  2. I agree with Jacie! Write that book! I wrote a book this past year, and I was able to check it off my bucket list. The people who love me bought it, and the dozen that are still sitting in a box, will probably be there for a long time, but I wrote a book!

    In the same breath, I understand and am motivated by what you say about blogging. I was so committed for awhile and then I lost interest because I wasn’t getting much feedback from others. I like the interaction and want to know how my writing affects others. I think being part of the Compelled Tribe is going to give me the boost in motivation that I’ve needed!

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

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  3. Allyson,
    I’m proud to be part of your tribe. I have also always love writing and use it as a release for ideas, reflection, and stress. I, too, feel as I have many things to share with others and welcome the dialogue in order to become the best educator I can be. Happy blogging tribe mate!

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  4. Allyson,
    I am so excited to be on this journey with you and learn from your blog and from the books that you most certainly will someday write! It sounds like you already have a lot of great experiences for us all to learn from. I can’t wait to go back and read some of your earlier posts too!

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  5. Allyson,

    I love reading your blogs, because your passion comes through so clearly! I definitely think a book is in your future and it will be as powerful as your blog posts. I’m excited to have you in the Compelled Tribe and look forward to learning and growing with you!


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  6. What fuels my writing? The many years of experience in education and hoping I can find the right tone in MY writing to share those experiences with others. I loved your blog. Your use of humor as well as practicality was a breath of fresh air. Your book would be on your bookshelf and mine! Thanks for blogging. I look forward to the journey as a fellow Compelled Tribe member.

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